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Self-Defense Classes from ABC


Although there are no short cuts to mastering self defense, having the right training in an emergency can make a real difference. D.J. Lortie Sensei uses his 25 years experience to find the essential techniques and concepts from Aikido, Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, and other martial arts. These simple techniques are effective and easy to learn. Not everyone has the time or means to regularly train at a high level dojo but self-defense classes from ABC might give you the edge you need in a bad situation.


* Increased Confidence

* Budo techniques, not Sport techniques-Mind not Muscle

* Easy to Practice- Use real life scenarios to help learn techniqes

* Everyday Movements-“Push, Pull, Run”

* Exciting for Body and Sprit

* Learn to spot potential problems before they happen



Women’s Ki Self-Defense


This course will help any woman improve their self-confidence and self-defense. D.J. Lortie Sensei uses his 25 years in martial science to develop a 3-hour class that empowers women inside and out. The physical techniques use everyday movements like Pushing, Pulling, and Running. Spiritually, we practice internal Ki building for confidence and external Ki-Ai, voice projection, that add power to your techniques and can scare away attackers. Techniques that increase your power from the inside out.


This course has two parts:


The first part is about an hour long discussion designed to show you how to prevent from becoming a victim of violence before it happens. This includes:

* “Looking for Trouble” How to spot possible dangerous places and avoid them.

* How to deal with Confrontation verbally, emotionally, and mentally.

* How to read other people’s body language and respond.

* How to use everyday items like pens and cell phones to make you safer.

* How to move in dangerous places like Bars, Sporting Events, Public Transit, Taxis, etc.

* How to increase your KI, Life Energy.


The second part is a two hour technique class where you learn practical responses to different situations. This includes:

* How to create “distance” and move to a safe position.

* Learn how to strike, Kyusho, vital points for maximum effect.

* How to escape from grabs and chokeholds.

* How to gain the advantage when on the ground.

* How to use and defend against weapons.

* How to fight multiple attackers.


I created this class to bring high level martial arts defense to anyone that wants it. Because not everyone has the time or means to train for many years in a martial art. If you cannot afford to pay for this class, please contact our dojo and will adjust the fee for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about this class.

We have a two hour Women’s defense refresher class for people who want to keep up their skills.


Aiki Stretching - Martial Yoga

This Ki class combines deep breathing, partner stretching and basic martial arts techniques to increase your flexibility and strength. This is not a martial arts class. Although self-defense is not the goal, these are the same techniques that you would find in Aikido, Karate and Jujutsu but done very slowly, with a focus on breathing and Ki, life energy. You will build strong muscles by tensing and relaxing your body with Karate strikes and blocks. The full body movements of Aikido provide partner stretching, by connecting your center, seka tanden, with another class member and extending your body. Aiki-Jujutsu stretching and strengthen the joints and tendons through gentle pinning techniques.



* Safe- All movements are done to suit your own ability.

* Fun- Smiling and laughing build Ki and are encouraged during class.

* Learn about Japanese culture and martial science.

* Useful for anyone of any level, beginners or advanced.

* Work both inner and outer muscles.

* Increase balance.

* Barefoot practice strengthens legs and increases blood flow to the entire body.